Jan Kochanowski

Lament VIII

Thou hast my house lain bare and void of heart,
Ursula, dearest, with thy dread depart.
We are all here yet none of us feels whole:
So much was robbed with loss of such small soul.
Thou were the one to chatter and to sing,
Thou scampered on from house's wing to wing.
Made mother smile whenever she distressed,
Cleared father's head when thoughts too far digressed.
Thou cuddled each and all, we'd so adore
Thy giggled joy that made our spirits soar.
Now all is silent, greyness fills these halls,
No toy, no laughter, hollow rooms and walls. 
And every corner looms with horrid grief,

That rends the heart and offers no relief.


Translated by: Witold Wojtaszko