Jan Brzechwa
Market Stall

Market days on market stalls
Often carry talks and calls:

'Lean against me if you will,
You seem wilting Mr Dill.'

'Not surprising, Chive, my friend,
I’ve been here for days on end!'

Young Kohlrabi heard them out:
'See that Turnip? – now that’s stout!'

Pea turns with a friendly pat:
'How’s life Turnip? Better, that?'

'Thank you, thank you, Mr Pea,
Things are settling down for me.

But that Parsley’s not too swell:
Pale and thin, can’t sleep that well.'

'Oh that’s weak'
Sighed the Leek.

Beet shuns Onion loud and clear,
Still she teases, 'Beet, my dear,

Red and lonely is your life,
Might be time to find a wife.'

But Beet turns his nose away:
'Oh, just get yourself astray,

Some beet-sweetie I might try...
You just make everyone cry.'

'Oh that’s weak'
Sighed the Leek.

Bean’s repine comes from the rear:
'Stop that clamber over here!'

Brussels Sprouts tilt up, all cross,
'Who died and made you the boss?'

'Look who’s talking, cheeky parrot!'
Hissed a flared up, reddened carrot.

'Let the Cabbage settle that!'
'Settle that?! That empty head?'

Cabbage breathes a weary sigh:
'Friends, dear friends, do stop that cry,

What’s the point of all that whoop,
We’re still ending up in soup!'

'Oh that’s weak'
Sighed the Leek.  

(Translated by: Witold Wojtaszko)