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To request a free quote please contact us at:

The quotation is provided free of charge and on an absolutely non-committal basis.

When sending your text for valuation, please specify any additional requirements that may apply (e.g. the available time frame for delivery, omissions in the text or any other applicable preferences). Within two hours (during office hours: Mon-Fri 8 am – 8 pm) or at the earliest possible convenience (outside office hours), we will reply with our quotation and proposed delivery schedule.

By default, the cost of translation is calculated per source-text word count (obtained from MS Word document statistics).

The cost of certified translations is calculated per standard page (1125 characters including spaces).

Our pricing is additionally determined by:

  • delivery time requirements (the minimum turnaround time is one full working day / at a maximum of 2,000 source words per day. Projects that require delivery in a shorter time frame may carry up to 50% surcharge.)
  • the complexity of the subject matter
  • the need to additionally rewrite/code /edit the text (handwritten documents, scans, PDF files, website localisations, etc.)

The rates charged are agreed at the beginning of each respective project. Depending on the Client’s needs, the pricing may apply across several different projects provided that the nature and complexity of the translated texts remain similar.

Returning Customers and Customers commissioning texts in excess of 25,000 source words are eligible for discount rates agreed on a case-by-case basis.