Selected testimonials from our customers:


“"This is to certify that since 2008, we have cooperated with Mr Witold Wojtaszko in translations of Eurojust Annual Reports. [...] The texts have been prepared in a timely and diligent manner, with consistent meticulous attention to linguistic correctness and the choice of terminology adequate to the character of Eurojust’s work and the purpose of the publications. [...] We are pleased to recommend him as a highly professional and reliable translator.”

Mariusz Skowroński, Prosecutor, Eurojust National Member for Poland - view testimonial (PL)


“"All translations have been delivered on time and in accordance with order specifications. The texts prepared by Mr Wojtaszko attest to his rich vocabulary, familiarity with professional historical terminology related to the period of WWII, as well as his careful attention to spelling and punctuation correctness. […] Based on our ongoing cooperation with Mr Wojtaszko, we are pleased to recommend WordActive as a reliable provider of translation services.”

State Museum at Majdanek - view testimonial (PL)


“We are happy to recommend the Polish/English translation services offered by Witold Wojtaszko [...] All translations have been done assiduously, with meticulous attention to detail and in a way demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the linguistic particulars applicable in each respective field. […] We have been extremely satisfied with our cooperation with this professional translator and are happy to recommend the services offered by Witek Wojtaszko to any prospective customer. We are convinced that his translations guarantee the highest standards of reliability and timeliness.[...]”

Adam Janiszewski, PhD; Linguaton S.C. - view tesimonial (PL)


"Mr Witold Wojtaszko, representing WordActive Translation Services, translated [...] “The Brothers Karamazov”, a new rendition of the play prepared for Provisorium Theatre by Professor Cezary Wodzicki.

Mr Wojtaszko’s translation was done promptly and conscientiously, the text attesting to his linguistic qualifications and familiarity with the specifics of a difficult, literary text. The quality of the delivered text was of the highest order[...]”

Aleksander Szpecht, Director of the Centre of Culture in Lublin - view testimonial (PL)


"DORADCA Zespół Doradców Finansowo-Księgowych Sp. z o.o. [Finance and Accounting Advisers, a limited liability company] has engaged the services of Mr Witold Wojtaszko, an English language translator, on a number of occasions. [...] Translations have been performed in a consistently timely and reliable manner, and with due attention paid both to linguistic and subject-matter related particulars. [...] We are pleased to recommend Mr Witold Wojtaszko as a dependable and competent partner offering professional translation services from and to English.”

Stefan Czerwinski, President of the Board, DORADCA Sp. z o.o. - view testimonial (PL)


“[...] Mr Witold Wojtaszko has consisently demonstrated professionalism and due diligence in providing translations from and into English. [...] During our five-year cooperation, he has provided reliable translations of documentation related to commercial agreements, projects and multimedia presentations. [...] Our ongoing cooperation with Mr Witold Wojtaszko allows us to recommend him as a conscientious, competent and reliable translator.”

Jerzy Nazaruk, Vice-President, Lublin Development Foundation - view testimonial (PL)


"It is with great pleasure and conviction that I recommend Mr Witold Wojtaszko as a knowledgeable and experienced translator in the broadly understood field of humanities. [...] I would also like to stress his utmost professionalism in maintaining a working contact with business partners [...] I sincerely recommend his services to any potential customers.”

Prof. Robert Bubczyk, PhD, Institute of Cultural Studies, MCSU - view testimonial (PL)


“[…] Mr Witold Wojtaszko is an experienced translator in the field of medicine, biology and veterinary medicine. [...] Our cooperation has been more than satisfactory and the direct contact with the translator has always allowed for efficient post-processing of the translated texts. [...]”

Prof. Ireneusz Balicki, PhD; University of Life Sciences in Lublin - view testimonial (PL)


“Mr Witold Wojtaszko has always performed work commissioned to him in an impeccable manner [...] We found Mr Wojtaszko to be reliable and professional in his approach to his clients and tasks entrusted to him. [...] It is our pleasure to recommend Mr Wojtaszko as a solid and reliable business partner.”

Wojciech Zwolak, Vice-President, Polish Guarantee Fund - view testimonial (PL)


“[…] We have been very happy with the quality of specialist translations, promptness and professionalism of services. [...] We can recommend WordActive as a company providing reliable translation services [...].”

Subsydium S.C. - view testimonial (PL)


“[…] The translation services have been provided reliably, professionally and with due diligence. [...] We are happy to recommend Mr Witold Wojtaszko and WordActive as a reliable partner offering a comprehensive range of translation services. [...]”

Berberys Hotel and Spa - view testimonial (PL)


“[…] Translations have been supplied in accordance with our specifications and […] attest to the reliability of WordActive Translation Services [...]. We are pleased to recommend WordActive as a trustworthy and efficient company offering professional services in the field of English language translations. [...]”

KiG Sp. z o.o. - view testimonial (PL)