Julian Tuwim
Two Winds

One wind – bellowed in the field,
Second – in an orchard reeled:
Ever gently, so silently,
Rustling bless of leaf caress,
Faintly trilled…

Harum-scarum – that’s the first!
Flip and skip and whiz and burst,
Dove and blew and soared up high,
Whirled up wildly, swift and spry,
Swooped in with a violent leap
Right amidst the trees asleep,
Where silently, very gently
Rustling bless of leaf caress
The second wind…

Cherry blossoms snowed off trees
Orchard giggled at the tease,
Brother wind grabs hold his kin,
To the fields in maddening spin,
After clouds and birds they chase,
Tangled in a windmill race,
Turn and twist and whiz aside,
Left and right, a swish, a glide,
Gusting madly side by side,
Do more mischief? oh they will!...

And the orchard’s still, so still….


(Translated by: Witold Wojtaszko)